Environmental Monitoring

Montgomery Environmental Consulting undertakes environmental monitoring in the development of environmental impact assessment and can be used to gauge domestic and industrial impact to the surrounding environment. Monitoring strategies and programmes are often designed to establish the current status of an environment or to establish trends or shifts in that environment.

Environmental Licensing Management

Many industrial operators in Ireland now work under environmental licences issued by the EPA and local authorities. As part of many of these licences environmental monitoring, reporting and continuing site appraisals are required by the licensing authority. Montgomery Environmental Consulting has experience in managing licences for clients from a range of industries and has developed long standing productive relationships with the regulatory bodies.

Incident Response

Montgomery Environmental Consulting provide 24/7 assistance to clients requiring expert management to unfolding pollution incidents. A pollution incident is any discharge to land, air or water that could harm the environment. With countrywide network of contractors available, we can effectively management any environemntal incident and reduce the potential liability for environmental damage.

Site Investigation

MEC has extensive experience in the preparation of Phase I and II site investigations across the UK and Ireland. Including brownfield, greenfield and redevelopment sites, MEC have completed site investigations for the development of site risk assessments across the industrial sector.

Remediation Design and Management

Following from Phase II site investigations MEC have designed and managed Phase III remediation projects in industrial and residential settings. Works have included large scale groundwater remediation following hydrocarbon release, leachate remediation from agricultural land and municipal waste removal.

Project Management

Details coming soon.